Ron's Foundation

Ronald Edwards Foley
October 10, 1945 -
October 7, 2005

The idea of making "Ron's Run" an annual fund raising event came about during a wonderful gathering of Ron's extended family at the beach on Kentucky Derby day 2008. Enveloped in the heavenly scent of barbeque brisket, we donned any crazy hat we could find and placed our bets. It was not unusual for our family to celebrate race day, as my parents loved everything about horseracing, especially the Triple Crown. And Ron, being Ron, loved to create special moments. Kate Allison, the lucky winner that day, proceeded to donate her earnings to the National Pancreas Foundation in memory of Ron, and we were off!

The Ron Foley Pancreatic Cancer Foundation, Inc., ("the Foundation") was granted 501(c)(3) status in 2010.

Our mission is:

  • to promote public awareness of the terrible pain, suffering and loss caused by pancreatic cancer so that early detection will become a widely shared priority;
  • to assist in the development of a local network providing information, contacts, shared experiences and other forms of necessary support to those suffering from pancreatic cancer and their family members;
  • to raise funds for medical research leading to more effective treatment of pancreatic cancer.


Event Co-Chairs

Brooks Loomis and Kelly Berwick




Barbara A. Foley
Brent H. Foley
Mark H. Foley
Michael E. Foley
Kathryn F. Hinman
Jennifer Loughran
Linda F. Renzulli
Phillip Renzulli
Dr. Robert Siegel
Anthony Sisti


Barbara A. Foley, President
Chris Gent, Vice President
Anthony Sisti, Secretary
John J. Prendergast, Treasurer
Timothy J. Floyd, Counsel

Event Committee 2014

Sue Albano
Charlie Austin
Karen Austin
Martin Benjamin
Irene Blanyar
Ed Blumenthal
Barbie Butler
Victoria Cassano
Cara Chapel
Marge DiGalbo
Jim Eder
Kathy Eder
Jon Finman
Mandy Finman
Tim Floyd
Barbara Foley
Kate Foley Hinman
Michael Foley
Mary Froeb
Chris Gent

Diane Gent
Judie Goldenthal
Trish Hinman
Downey Knapp
Whit Knapp
Annette Landers
Mark LaPointe
Diana Lemcoff
Jennifer Loughran
Carolyn McKenna
Elsie Melita
Ken Miesmer
Mary Miesmer
Katelyn Moore
Nina Musumeci
John Prendergast
Anthony Sisti
Jennifer Volanski
Nancy Wilcock
Debbie Wright